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Wilderness Survival Skills for Amateur Climbers

The sheer joy of mountaineering and rock climbing is enough for us to never give up on the sport. Talk to any true climbing aficionado and they’ll tell you they live for the feelings of ecstasy and achievement it can bring.Continue reading

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Hey Professional Climbers – Check Out These Expert Climbing Shoes!

climbing shoesAs a pro you probably already know that there are plenty of shoes out there in the market. We are spoiled for choices!

However, the trouble is that buying the right rock climbing shoes is not an affordable or easy endeavor. You will have to carry out some due diligence to find them! Here at Try Climbing, we try to make it easier for you to find a suitable pair of climbing shoes.

Gear Up and Climb Up – We’ll Help You!

We bring you a comprehensive guide to the best climbing shoes for every type of climbing.

Start reading it here to figure out differences between all the different types of shoes available for a variety of rock climbing situations. The shoes may differ on the basis of the types of terrains being climbed. The disparity in traction, support, flexibility etc. for each of these shoes can make all the difference in the performance of the climb as well.

For example sport climbing, trad climbing and bouldering; all require a completely different type of shoe for a comfortable climbing experience.

Our guide will help you better understand the type of climbing you intend to undertake and the perfect climbing shoes for the purpose.

Rock Climbing Shoes – Your Safety & Comfort Comes First!

The guide also offers in-depth information on the quality and safety specs of the perfect climbing shoes for your needs. It is important to invest in shoes that offer the right fit as well as the necessary friction needed to grip footholds like a pro. And as always, climbing skills and the terrain should both factor in the kind of shoes you are planning to wear.

Remember, rock shoes must fit cozily but not be excruciatingly tight. As a general rule of thumb, remember that the harder the climb, the tighter the shoes! However, as mentioned before, it doesn’t matter how close-fitting the shoes are, if they hurt or pinch they are the wrong kind.

Do Your Research

When buying rock climbing shoes for beginners, it is a good idea to ask other accomplished climbers for suggestions. Be sure to do your research because climbing shoes are a major investment. Read online reviews and check out this Guide to the Best Climbing Shoes.

And finally, keep visiting us at Try Climbing for the definitive guidance and latest info on all things related to climbing!

Your Ultimate Guide To Climbing Shoes

If you are searching to buy your first pair of climbing shoes, You should take these three main features in consideration:

  • Shoe Fit
  • Shoe Type
  • Shoe features

Your Ultimate Guide To Climbing Shoes

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Young woman climbing up on practice wall in gym, rear view

Learning To Climb Indoors: A Quick Primer

Dangling hundreds of feet above the ground, with only a rope providing you hope for a safe decline.

It sounds insane; but it’s not only safe, it’s also exciting, adventurous and a whole lot of fun in reality.

You don’t need Herculean strength to be good at rock climbing. You only need to practice. A lot!

And indoor climbing is a great way to get started with your rock climbing hobby. It’s a lot less scary than the real thing and an enjoyable and accessible sport for people of all ages and sexes.

Clinging to a wall for life isn’t just an emotionally-charged, adrenalin-pumping adventure, but it also gives you a serious complete body workout. In fact research shows that rock climbers have some serious upper-body strength, better than average cardiovascular fitness and that every climb is an aerobic workout all in itself.

Here’s some inspiration and information on starting your indoor rock climbing journey today:

Get Geared Up

Get proper rock-climbing footwear! There are no ways around this first step. Buying proper climbing shoes are your first order of business when investing in indoor climbing gear for beginners. Other things on the list include harnesses, rope, chalk bag, carabiner, and relay device.

Learn the Ropes

You have the gear. It’s time to learn how to use it properly. Remember, climbers are better off getting their belay certification before hitting the wall (to climb). However, reading up about it is not going to be of much help. So, go and practice.

Plan Your Route Along The Wall

Once you are at the wall, it’s time to conquer it. But first, we plan. Sequence all the hand movements you’ll be doing, then identify the hand and footholds you plan to use before you start.

As a beginner, it is a good idea to mimic others and look for clues as you carve your path. For e.g., keep on the lookout for holds with chalk on them. These have been used by other climbers as they placed their hands here and left traces of chalk. Now follow the path till you learn to make your own!

Engage Your Core

Exercise to become a better rock climber. Build upper-body strength. Also, if you have practicing Pilates, yoga and gymnastics, chances are, you will have a better success rate climbing for the first time.

Are you ready to have a rocking good time the first time you go climbing in doors? Start with step 1 and invest in your climbing shoes today. Get your climbing shoes buying advice right here!

The Real Rock Shock

The Real Rock Shock – Transitioning From Indoor to Outdoor Climbing!

Your first time climbing will be frustrating, heart-stopping, thrilling—exhilarating. You will learn more about yourself throughout the journey.

Hiking and rock climbing are extremely fulfilling adventures. These are just as mentally challenging and exciting as they are physically demanding. So it’s important to prepare carefully, especially if it’s your first time undertaking real life rock climbing.

Here’s what you’ll need to be mindful of:

Find a Mentor

The first few times, make sure you are accompanied by an experienced outdoor climber. They should be able to show you the ropes, take you out, and demonstrate the basics in person. Chances are that you will run into situations that will require knowledgeable expertise that can’t be found in book or videos. Talk to your local gym to help you meet someone who can help you.

Make Sure You Practice Setting Up & Cleaning Anchors

The real world will test you to your limits and beyond. You will run into tricky situations and it is important that you are confident in your ability to fix various different types of anchors.

Respect Your Surroundings

Stay clean, in every sense of the word possible. Make sure you take the protein bar wrappers back with you. Channel your energy into your next move forward. Don’t leave anything lying around that pollutes nature. It’s a beautiful world and rock climbing is your way to explore it.

The Real Rock Shock 2

Know Your Gear

When you are learning to climb indoors, you won’t need a lot of gear, perhaps only shoes, chalk, harness and a belay device.

Climbing real rock will have you investing in a bit more. You will need quick draws, slings, etc. when setting up anchors.

Climbing gear for beginners probably won’t serve you very well on real rock. Also get a new pair of rock climbing shoes that can help you better adhere to the terrain you are climbing.

Make sure your climbing gear doesn’t look rusty or worn out, if you are renting it. If it looks weird, avoid using it.

The hobby of rock climbing can quickly evolve into an addiction. Start off on the right foot, with the right gear! Get your climbing gear buying guide here!

Five Ten Anasazi Moccasym Climbing Shoe

Five Ten Anasazi Moccasym Climbing Shoe

Rock climbing, whether you are just beginning or you have ample experience, is challenging, to say the least. There are so many obstacles that have to be overcome, including figuring out how to properly position your feet and ensuring that you have the best grip possible. In order to overcome these obstacles and ensure that you have the safest, most enjoy experience possible, you need to have a great pair of climbing shoes.

When you are setting out to find a pair of shoes for rock climbing, you are going to quickly discover that there are tons of options to choose from. Flat, slightly downturned, aggressively downturned? Thin soles or thick soles?

Hook and loop, tie or slipper closure? A super tight fit, or a fit that stretches out a bit? These are all options that you are going to have to take into consideration when shopping for a pair of rock climbing shoes. So, how do you know what option to choose?

In order to determine what type of climbing shoes will best suit your needs, the first thing you need to do – before you even start shopping – is determine what type of climbing you are going to be doing.

If your goal is to cover various types of terrain, mixed with different inclines and alternating surfaces, you are going to want to have a pair of shoes that are highly adaptable.

Shoes that offer a comfortable fit, plenty of traction and are easy to slip on and off are ideal for multi-purpose climbing. While there are a lot of climbing shoes on the market that offer versatility, one of the best pairs you will find is the Anasazi Moccasin climbing shoes from Five Ten.

Highly adaptable, extremely comfortable, and expert precision, the Anasazi Moccasin from Five Ten are a favorite among climbers of all ability levels – from the novice to the expert. To learn more about these incredible climbing shoes, keep on reading.

The Product

The Anasazi Moccasin from Five Ten is highly regarded amongst climbers of all ability levels as being one of the most comfortable climbing shoes available today. That comfort is largely due to their slipper design. Incredibly easy to put on and take off, you will have no problem quickly slipping these shoes off after a climb to give your feet a rest, and putting them back on when you are ready to hit tackle your next climb.

The Anasazi Moccasin is designed to offer the support, comfort and durability that is needed for all types of climbs. They are also suitable for climbers of all experience levels, from those who are just starting out to those who have been climbing or years.

Though they can be used for various types of climbs, they are best suited for smearing and crack climbs. Do note, however, that the rounded nose is not suitable for deep cracks. Additionally, the soft design, while comfortable, does not make them an ideal choice for edging.


The Five Ten Anasazi Moccasin climbing shoes for men feature outsoles that are constructed of highly durable, extremely sticky Stealth C4 rubber. With this material under your foot, you will have confidence knowing that you can stick to virtually any surface that comes your way.

  • Leather
  • Made in the USA and Imported
  • ​Rubber sole
  • ​Triple pull tabs
  • ​Side-exit heel seam
  • Slingshot heel​
  • Stealth C4 rubber 4.2mm
  • ​Resoleable
  • Performance and comfort with each step

The uppers of these climbing shoes are constructed of split leather. This makes these climbing shoes extremely breathable and adds to their comfort. Though they are a slipper design, the elastic bands around them offer a superior fit, allowing these shoes to remain in place while you are climbing. When you want to slip your shoes off, you’ll have no problem doing so, thanks to the side exit heel seam.

Want to buy climbing shoes online but have no idea what the best option is? Read our reviews and learn which shoes are great contenders for the rock climbing type and terrain you’re planning to indulge in.

The Five Ten Anasazi Moccasym climbing shoes are made of leather and are very breathable. They are a top choice for both beginner and experienced climbers, largely due to the comfort they offer.

What Others Say?

When you are looking for something as important as climbing shoes, it helps to know what other people who use the product you are considering have to say about their experience. You will be delighted to know that the majority of buyers on Amazon have given the Anasaz Moccasin climbing shoes for men from Five Ten excellent reviews.

4.3 Star Rating

Those who gave the Anasazi Moccasin’s high ratings agreed that they are extremely comfortable, provide exceptional traction and are a great all-around climbing shoe. Those who gave these climbing shoes lower ratings reported that the shoes were not properly sized; they were about half a size too small. With that said, keep this in mind when you are purchasing these shoes. Also, keep in mind that these shoes do stretch, so they will adjust to the size of your foot.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the Five Ten Anasazi Moccasin climbing shoes for men from several retailers. If convenience is what you are looking for, your best bet is to purchase them online. At the time of writing this review, these climbing shoes were being sold on Amazon for $125. This price is comparable to the price that you will find these climbing shoes being sold for at other retail establishments.


If you are on the market for your first pair of climbing shoes, or you are replacing your existing climbing shoes, the Anasazi Moccasym Climbing Shoe for men is an ideal choice. With a slipper design that is easy to slip on and off and offers extreme comfort, super sticky rubber outsoles, unlined leather uppers and an overall durable construction, it is no wonder why these climbing shoes have been the preferred choice for climbers of all skill levels for more than three decades. These are an excellent overall climbing shoe.

La Sportiva Men’s Tarantulace

La Sportiva Men’s Tarantulace Climbing Shoes

Whether you are just getting into rock climbing, or you have been participating in the sport for years, you know that there is one piece of gear that can make or break your efforts: Climbing shoes.

Rock climbing shoes protect your feet from the perils that are associated with climbing, provide the support that is needed to enhance your performance, offer the traction that is needed to confidently adhere to the surface, and enable you to adjust your technique so that you can properly conform your feet to the surface, whether it is deep cracks and crevasses or a smooth rock face.

The type of shoes you select can make or break your rock climbing efforts. Choose shoes that don’t provide the support, protection and traction that you need, and you could very well end up injuring yourself. Not to mention, if the shoes aren’t comfortable, you may not even want to attempt the climb.

When you are shopping or rock climbing shoes, you are going to find that there are literally dozens of options to choose from. From high performance shoes that offer a extreme downturn design to all-purpose shoes that can handle a variety of surfaces and climbs, it can be difficult to determine which type of climbing shoe you should choose.

For that reason, before you even set out to find a pair of climbing shoes, you first need to determine what kind of climbing you are going to be using them for.

If your goal is to perform a variety of climbs, such as bouldering, sport climbing, crack climbing or gym climbing, there is one shoe that will provide you with the support, traction and comfort that you need:The Tarantulace from La Sportiva.

To learn more about what these incredible climbing shoes have to offer and why they are the preferred choice for climbers of all experience levels, keep on reading.

The Product

The Tarantulace from La Sportiva are unlined leather climbing shoes with an asymmetric design that are intended to provide the support and the performance that is needed for advanced climbs that require a variety of maneuvers and techniques.

Thanks to the unlined leather, you will enjoy superior breathability, keeping your feet comfortable for even the longest day of climbing. Additionally, because they are unlined, the Tarantulace shoes mold to your feet, making them feel as if they are a second skin.

Whether you are an advanced climber who is shopping for a new pair of climbing shoes, or you are just getting into climbing, the Tarantulace La Sportiva climbing shoes will provide you with the comfort, support and durability that you are looking for.


In addition to being extremely comfortable, La Sportiva went the extra mile to ensure that they created a climbing shoe that offers all of the support, protection and performance possible. Their effort to construct the best climbing shoe possible is clearly illustrated by the features that their Tarantulace climbing shoes offer.

La Sportiva Mens Tarantulace Climbing Indoors on Rock Climbing

Starting with the uppers, a combination of leather and synthetic leather are used to make sure that the Tarantulace climbing shoes provide a fit that is as accurate and secure as possible. The tongues of these shoes are lined, which manages moisture and adds an extra layer of protection.

  • Leather
  • Quick pull lacing harness that delivers a snug precise fit
  • ​Durable FriXion RS rubber compound for great grip and durability
  • ​Lined tongue for moisture management
  • ​All around performer for the climber looking for one shoe to do it all
  • Unlined leather is comfortable and soft
La Sportiva Tarantula Climbing Shoe

The outsoles are one of the most important elements of rock climbing shoes, and La Sportiva clearly understands that. The outsoles of the Tarantulace climbing shoes are constructed of 5mm FriXion RS rubber, which offer exceptional friction and grip that you can rely on. This material is also durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, so you don’t have to worry about running out of grip when you need it.

La Sportiva Mens Tarantulace Climbing

The heels of the Tarantulace climbing shoes have also receive special attention from La Sportiva. They have an aggressively design heel rand, which will allow you to easily take on various surface, including micro edges.

The closure system is also an important element of climbing shoes. The closure system can be the difference between shoes that remain securely placed on your fit, and shoes that slip and slid. The Tarantulate climbing shoes are outfitted with a unique quick pull lacing system. This system is extremely easy to adjust, and stays put when closed, ensuring that you get the best, the most comfortable, and the most secure fit possible.

The Tarantulace from La Sportiva is an ideal climbing shoe for both outdoor rock climbers, as well as indoor climbers. They truly are a climbing shoe that does it all.

Get the traction and support you need for all your rock climbing ventures with La Sportiva Men’s Tarantulace climbing shoes!

Made from a combination of natural and synthetic leather, they’re comfortable and great at managing moisture too. Any climber worth his salt knows that your climbing footgear makes all the difference to your performance. This Sportiva footwear is particularly ideal for complex climbs, where you need to navigate tricky terrain.

What Others Say?

Of course, reading about the high-quality construction and features that the Tarantulace climbing shoes offer can help you gain an understanding of just how exceptional they are, hearing what others who use them have to say about their experience with them is a further testament to their quality, durability and comfort.

4.4 Star Rating

Some of the 5 star reviews include comments regarding the fit, comfort, feel and durability of these shoes. Those that were unhappy with them said that they weren’t as durable as they had hoped, and that they would have been better paying a higher price (Note: These climbing shoes cost less than $80.)

Where To Buy

Currently, you can purchase the Tarantulace climbing shoes from La Sportiva on Amazon. The price is between $75 and $80; the price does vary according to the size, so keep that in mind. Overall, they offer great value for the money.


Overall, the La Sportiva climbing shoes from Tarantulace are an excellent choice for both beginner and experienced climbers. They offer a comfortable and secure fit, and can be used for a variety of climbs.

Scarpa Mens Vapor V Climbing Shoe

Scarpa Men’s Vapor V Climbing Shoes

If you have been working your way up to performance climbing, or you have long been a performance climber, you know that a high quality pair of climbing shoes are an absolute must.

Mens-Scarpa-Vapor-V with Gear

You need a pair of shoes that provide your foot with the protection and stability that they need, and hold your feet in the proper position so that you can successfully handle those deep crevasses and narrow ridges that you will encounter when you are scaling those steep climbs with varying foot holes.

If it is steep climbs with varying terrains that require edging, smearing and a variety of other techniques that you are interested in pursuing, than you really need to make sure that you have a pair of climbing shoes that will afford you the ability to adjust your techniques with ease, are comfortable, provide the exceptional traction, and are durable.

In order to successfully achieve more challenging climbs, you are going to need a pair of climbing shoes that have a downturned shape. This shape will keep your feet in the proper position to properly wrap your foot around even the smallest bulges in the climbing surface, and will enable you to place your food into cracks and crevasses with ease.

Mens Scarpa Vapor V Alone On Feet with Rocks

You also want to make sure that you have a pair of shoes that have a soft, yet sticky rubber outsole. The softer the outsole is, the easier it will be for you to feel the surface below your feet. This will allow you to make the necessary adjustments to your technique, which will improve your performance. The stickier the rubber that is used on the outsole is, the more traction you will have to grip onto a variety of surfaces.

When you set out to buy a pair of rock climbing shoes, you will quickly learn that there are a lot of shoes that are intended to offer high performance and meet the demands of more challenging climbs. So, how do you sort through all of the shoes that are available for this type of climbing?

To help you, we have done our own extensive research. We have assessed the various types of high performance climbing shoes, and our assessment has led us to determine that the Scarpa Men’s Vapor V climbing shoes are, hands down, the best pick.

Mens Scarpa Vapor V Alone On a Foot

Offering durable construction, a thoughtful design, and features that make it easy to make the transition from easier climbs to more intense climbs a breeze, we found that the Scarpa Men’s Vapor V are the best option out there.

To learn more about these incredible climbing shoes, what other users have to say about them, and where you can buy them, please, keep on reading.

The Product

The Men’s Vapor V climbing shoes from Scarpa are some of the most versatile climbing shoes on the market. Because this manufacturer knows that comfort is of utmost importance for climbing shoes, they have paid special attention when designing these shoes to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible. And you know what? – They have succeeded. In fact, these shoes are specifically designed to comfortably fit wide feet, which can be challenging to find climbing shoes for.

Thanks to the Bi Tension rand system, the Scarpa Vapor V climbing shoes have a slight downturn that remains in place, despite excessive wear. That means that you don’t have to worry about the shoe becoming deformed with excessive use, which is often the case with other shoes that have a similar design.

If you are someone who has experience with climbing, but you are ready to advance your prowess to more advanced climbs, than the Vapor V for men by Scarpa is an excellent option for you. Thanks to the thoughtful design, these shoes are an excellent introduction to those who are ready to transition from a the flatter fit of a beginner shoe to the downturned design of a more high performance climbing shoe.


The Vapor V climbing shoe for men has been thoughtfully designed by Scarpa. Thanks to the positioning of the rand, which connects underneath the toe, the toe pulls back towards the heel. This design is the exact opposite of what is referred to as ‘slingshot’ randing’, which is known to impact the position of the toes and make them feel as if they are disconnected from the heels. The result of this rand design? – Increased power and increased precision.

Mens Scarpa Vapor V Back

Thanks to the tongue of the Vapor V climbing shoes, you can expect to experience long-lasting comfort for even the longest of climbs. With a gusseted design, the tongue of these climbing shoes offers exceptional breathability that will keep your feet dry (and will prevent the development of smelly odors.)

  • Synthetic
  • Imported
  • ​Rubber sole
  • ​New split sole allows for more flexibility
  • ​Lower tension on the Achilles offers all-day comfort
  • ​Bi-Tension active randing system provides maximum toe power
  • ​Dual power strap closure allows adjustable fit
  • Vibram XS edge provides incredible grip and durability

The outsole of these climbing shoes has a unique split design. This allows for greater flexibility so you can easily transition from technique to technique. Additionally, the outsoles are constructed of Vibram XS Edge rubber, a material that is noted for offering exceptional rip and can withstand the roughest wear and tear.

Scarpa Men’s Vapor V Climbing shoes are best for performance climbing, helping you navigate all the crevasses with relative ease.

They offer a stability that allows you to position your feet on the surface the right way for maximum performance. They are comfortable to wear and trendy to boot! Whether you’re a beginner looking for climbing shoes or a professional that has burnt through many a pair, our guide to climbing footwear can help you come to a decision.

What Others Say?

If you still aren’t convinced about the exceptional durability, comfort and support that the Vapor V climbing shoes from Scarpa offer, then perhaps the reviews from customers who use these shoes will sway you.

4.5 Star Rating

Those who gave them high reviews said that they were extremely comfortable, very easy to use, and offered the traction and durability that they were looking for. Reviewers who gave these shows lower stars said that they run small in size; but, that is expected from a high quality performance climbing shoe.

Where To Buy

For the easiest purchase, Amazon is the way to go. The size of the shoe will impact the cost; larger sizes have a higher price tag.


If you are looking to transition from beginner climbing to more advanced climbing, the Scarpa Men’s Vapor V climbing shoes are definitely the way to go. Offering extreme comfort, support and traction, you can’t go wrong with these shoes.

evolv Mens Cruzer Approach Shoe

Evolv Men’s Cruzer Approach Shoes

Ask any rock climber, and they will tell you that the most important piece of gear is their shoes. When it comes to rock climbing, shoes provide you with the layer of protection that you need to keep your feet from harm; offer you the stability that is needed in order to handle the varied terrain that comes along with climbing and that gives you the stability that is needed to handle the diversity of terrains.

Varied Terrain for Climbing

In other words, shoes are considered one of the most important pieces of equipment – if not the most important piece of equipment – that you will need for climbing.

With that said, finding the best pair of climbing shoes for your specific needs can be challenging. Why? – Because there are so many different options available. There are shoes that are designed to handle the steepest inclines, and shoes that are intended to provide slip your foot into the narrowest cracks and crevasses. So, how do you find the best pair of climbing shoes for your specific needs? Well, it all starts with understanding exactly what your needs are.

When it comes to selecting the best pair of climbing shoes, the first thing you need to do is understand exactly what type of climbing you intend on doing. With that understanding, you will be able to narrow down your choices – from the seemingly endless options that are available – so that you can find the best pair of climbing shoes that will meet your needs.

Rock Climbing Terrain

If your rock climbing goals are varied, you are going to need a pair of shoes that allot you the ability to adjust your performance, yet will provide you with the fit comfortable fit and the reliability that you need to tackle any surface; and, you want to be able to have the freedom to go out and enjoy some downtime – a drink at a bar, a dinner out with friends – without having to switch your shoes – than you may find that your options are limited.

Since many climbing shoes may limit your options for the versatility you seek, you may find yourself questioning what type of shoes you should purchase. In fact, you may find yourself wondering if there are any climbing shoes on the market that will actually provide you with the versatility that you seek.

Well, rest assured that there are actually shoes that are designed to offer the traction and support that is needed for handling various climbs, yet can be easily worn for your regular footwear needs. What shoe can possibly offer you that flexibility? The Cruzer Approach from Evolv. Read on to find out just how many benefits these shoes can offer.

The Product

The Cruzer Approach from Evolv is one of the few climbing shoes on the market that can actually be worn for a day of tackling steep climbs of varied surfaces, and yet are still comfortable enough to transition to the mountain or cliff and be worn out for a dinner with your climbing pals. Imagine how incredible it will be to not have to pack an extra pair of shoes, and switch them up?

The thoughtful design of these shoes is incredibly versatile. They offer all of the stability that you could possibly need to scale a variety of surfaces with ease, yet they can be easily worn to run errands without.

evolv Mens Cruzer Approach Shoe

In both situations, these climbing shoes provide extreme comfort and the stability and support that you need to handle anything that comes your way. From harness clipping on a steep mountain approach to strolling the streets, you can guarantee that you will have everything that you need in a pair of climbing – and everyday wear – shoes in the Evolv Cruzer Aprroach climbing shoes.


The Men’s Cruzer Climbing Shoe from Evolv is specifically designed to provide for those easy climbs – and for your evertyday living. The upper portion of these climbing shoes is constructed out of canvas that is lined with a microfiber fabric.

That means that you can easily wear them with your bear feat, yet get the protection that you need from chaffing. And, because of their non-aggressive design, they are ideal for wearing even after you have completed your climb.

The midsoles combine EVA material with microfiber foam, which gives these climbing shoes just the right amount of give and cushiony support so that your feet won’t feel like they are going to collapse underneath you when you hit a super rocky terrain.

  • Canvas
  • Rubber sole
  • ​Barefoot friendly, moisture wicking, microfiber lined memory foam insole for lasting comfort
  • ​Thin, cushy, minimal-drop flat EVA midsole
  • ​Soft microfiber lining for comfort
  • ​Folding heel for slipper like convenience
  • Heel pull tab for clipping to harness or backpack
evolv Mens Cruzer Approach Shoe Red

The outsoles of the Evolv Curzer Approach climbing shoes for men are constructed of TRAX rubber. This material is capable of providing the traction that is needed to handle various terrains.

These shoes also have a rubber rand around the toe, which makes it possible to scurry up cracks and crevasses with ease. These climbing shoes also feature a collapsible heel, which will enable you to easily put them on and take them off, whenever you are ready to.

What Others Say?

Sometimes, it helps to know what other people who are using a specific product have to say before you commit to making a purchase. Well, when it comes to the Evolv Cruzer Approach climbing shoes for men, you will be happy to know that they have received excellent reviews.

4.2 Star Rating

The top reviewers reported that they loved the fit, the stability and the versatility that these shoes provided. Those who gave these shoes a lower rating said that they weren’t durable enough to withstand excessive moisture.

Where To Buy

You can currently purchase these climbing shoes on Amazon. The prices range from just above $50 and just below $75. The price varies depending on the size of the shoe; larger shoes have a higher price tag.


Overall, if you are looking for a high quality, versatile climbing shoe, you can be sure that you will find exactly what you are seeking in the Cruzer Approach shoes by Evolv