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Amateur Climbers

Wilderness Survival Skills for Amateur Climbers

The sheer joy of mountaineering and rock climbing is enough for us to never give up on the sport. Talk to any true climbing aficionado and they’ll tell you they live for the feelings of ecstasy and achievement

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climbing shoes

Hey Professional Climbers – Check Out These Expert Climbing Shoes!

As a pro you probably already know that there are plenty of shoes out there in the market. We are spoiled for choices! However, the trouble is that buying the right rock climbing shoes is not an affordable

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Your Ultimate Guide To Climbing Shoes

If you are searching to buy your first pair of climbing shoes, You should take these three main features in consideration: Shoe Fit Shoe Type Shoe features Other Posts you may like Rock Climbing Shoes

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Rock Climbing Shoes For Different Types Of Surfaces

Different rock climbing shoes are available based on the type of climbing For more info about rock climbing shoes & climbing shoes buying guide, visit

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Young woman climbing up on practice wall in gym, rear view

Learning To Climb Indoors: A Quick Primer

Dangling hundreds of feet above the ground, with only a rope providing you hope for a safe decline. It sounds insane; but it’s not only safe, it’s also exciting, adventurous and a whole lot of fun

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The Real Rock Shock

The Real Rock Shock – Transitioning From Indoor to Outdoor Climbing!

Your first time climbing will be frustrating, heart-stopping, thrilling—exhilarating. You will learn more about yourself throughout the journey. Hiking and rock climbing are extremely fulfilling adventures.

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Wearing Climbing Shoes

Your Guide To The Best Climbing Shoes For Every Type Of Climbing

Perhaps you have just taken an interest in rock climbing, or you have been a long time climber and you need to replace your old, worn-out shoes. Either way, you are going to want to make sure that you

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Man Climbing on Rock

A Guide To The Best Climbing Shoes

Climbers rely on a lot of different types of gear to ensure their safety and their comfort while they are climbing. Of all of this gear, climbing shoes are perhaps the most important. They connect the

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