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Learning To Climb Indoors: A Quick Primer

Dangling hundreds of feet above the ground, with only a rope providing you hope for a safe decline.

It sounds insane; but it’s not only safe, it’s also exciting, adventurous and a whole lot of fun in reality.

You don’t need Herculean strength to be good at rock climbing. You only need to practice. A lot!

And indoor climbing is a great way to get started with your rock climbing hobby. It’s a lot less scary than the real thing and an enjoyable and accessible sport for people of all ages and sexes.

Clinging to a wall for life isn’t just an emotionally-charged, adrenalin-pumping adventure, but it also gives you a serious complete body workout. In fact research shows that rock climbers have some serious upper-body strength, better than average cardiovascular fitness and that every climb is an aerobic workout all in itself.

Here’s some inspiration and information on starting your indoor rock climbing journey today:

Get Geared Up

Get proper rock-climbing footwear! There are no ways around this first step. Buying proper climbing shoes are your first order of business when investing in indoor climbing gear for beginners. Other things on the list include harnesses, rope, chalk bag, carabiner, and relay device.

Learn the Ropes

You have the gear. It’s time to learn how to use it properly. Remember, climbers are better off getting their belay certification before hitting the wall (to climb). However, reading up about it is not going to be of much help. So, go and practice.

Plan Your Route Along The Wall

Once you are at the wall, it’s time to conquer it. But first, we plan. Sequence all the hand movements you’ll be doing, then identify the hand and footholds you plan to use before you start.

As a beginner, it is a good idea to mimic others and look for clues as you carve your path. For e.g., keep on the lookout for holds with chalk on them. These have been used by other climbers as they placed their hands here and left traces of chalk. Now follow the path till you learn to make your own!

Engage Your Core

Exercise to become a better rock climber. Build upper-body strength. Also, if you have practicing Pilates, yoga and gymnastics, chances are, you will have a better success rate climbing for the first time.

Are you ready to have a rocking good time the first time you go climbing in doors? Start with step 1 and invest in your climbing shoes today. Get your climbing shoes buying advice right here!

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