The Real Rock Shock

The Real Rock Shock – Transitioning From Indoor to Outdoor Climbing!

Your first time climbing will be frustrating, heart-stopping, thrilling—exhilarating. You will learn more about yourself throughout the journey.

Hiking and rock climbing are extremely fulfilling adventures. These are just as mentally challenging and exciting as they are physically demanding. So it’s important to prepare carefully, especially if it’s your first time undertaking real life rock climbing.

Here’s what you’ll need to be mindful of:

Find a Mentor

The first few times, make sure you are accompanied by an experienced outdoor climber. They should be able to show you the ropes, take you out, and demonstrate the basics in person. Chances are that you will run into situations that will require knowledgeable expertise that can’t be found in book or videos. Talk to your local gym to help you meet someone who can help you.

Make Sure You Practice Setting Up & Cleaning Anchors

The real world will test you to your limits and beyond. You will run into tricky situations and it is important that you are confident in your ability to fix various different types of anchors.

Respect Your Surroundings

Stay clean, in every sense of the word possible. Make sure you take the protein bar wrappers back with you. Channel your energy into your next move forward. Don’t leave anything lying around that pollutes nature. It’s a beautiful world and rock climbing is your way to explore it.

The Real Rock Shock 2

Know Your Gear

When you are learning to climb indoors, you won’t need a lot of gear, perhaps only shoes, chalk, harness and a belay device.

Climbing real rock will have you investing in a bit more. You will need quick draws, slings, etc. when setting up anchors.

Climbing gear for beginners probably won’t serve you very well on real rock. Also get a new pair of rock climbing shoes that can help you better adhere to the terrain you are climbing.

Make sure your climbing gear doesn’t look rusty or worn out, if you are renting it. If it looks weird, avoid using it.

The hobby of rock climbing can quickly evolve into an addiction. Start off on the right foot, with the right gear! Get your climbing gear buying guide here!

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