Scarpa Mens Vapor V Climbing Shoe

Scarpa Men’s Vapor V Climbing Shoes

If you have been working your way up to performance climbing, or you have long been a performance climber, you know that a high quality pair of climbing shoes are an absolute must.

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You need a pair of shoes that provide your foot with the protection and stability that they need, and hold your feet in the proper position so that you can successfully handle those deep crevasses and narrow ridges that you will encounter when you are scaling those steep climbs with varying foot holes.

If it is steep climbs with varying terrains that require edging, smearing and a variety of other techniques that you are interested in pursuing, than you really need to make sure that you have a pair of climbing shoes that will afford you the ability to adjust your techniques with ease, are comfortable, provide the exceptional traction, and are durable.

In order to successfully achieve more challenging climbs, you are going to need a pair of climbing shoes that have a downturned shape. This shape will keep your feet in the proper position to properly wrap your foot around even the smallest bulges in the climbing surface, and will enable you to place your food into cracks and crevasses with ease.

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You also want to make sure that you have a pair of shoes that have a soft, yet sticky rubber outsole. The softer the outsole is, the easier it will be for you to feel the surface below your feet. This will allow you to make the necessary adjustments to your technique, which will improve your performance. The stickier the rubber that is used on the outsole is, the more traction you will have to grip onto a variety of surfaces.

When you set out to buy a pair of rock climbing shoes, you will quickly learn that there are a lot of shoes that are intended to offer high performance and meet the demands of more challenging climbs. So, how do you sort through all of the shoes that are available for this type of climbing?

To help you, we have done our own extensive research. We have assessed the various types of high performance climbing shoes, and our assessment has led us to determine that the Scarpa Men’s Vapor V climbing shoes are, hands down, the best pick.

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Offering durable construction, a thoughtful design, and features that make it easy to make the transition from easier climbs to more intense climbs a breeze, we found that the Scarpa Men’s Vapor V are the best option out there.

To learn more about these incredible climbing shoes, what other users have to say about them, and where you can buy them, please, keep on reading.

The Product

The Men’s Vapor V climbing shoes from Scarpa are some of the most versatile climbing shoes on the market. Because this manufacturer knows that comfort is of utmost importance for climbing shoes, they have paid special attention when designing these shoes to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible. And you know what? – They have succeeded. In fact, these shoes are specifically designed to comfortably fit wide feet, which can be challenging to find climbing shoes for.

Thanks to the Bi Tension rand system, the Scarpa Vapor V climbing shoes have a slight downturn that remains in place, despite excessive wear. That means that you don’t have to worry about the shoe becoming deformed with excessive use, which is often the case with other shoes that have a similar design.

If you are someone who has experience with climbing, but you are ready to advance your prowess to more advanced climbs, than the Vapor V for men by Scarpa is an excellent option for you. Thanks to the thoughtful design, these shoes are an excellent introduction to those who are ready to transition from a the flatter fit of a beginner shoe to the downturned design of a more high performance climbing shoe.


The Vapor V climbing shoe for men has been thoughtfully designed by Scarpa. Thanks to the positioning of the rand, which connects underneath the toe, the toe pulls back towards the heel. This design is the exact opposite of what is referred to as ‘slingshot’ randing’, which is known to impact the position of the toes and make them feel as if they are disconnected from the heels. The result of this rand design? – Increased power and increased precision.

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Thanks to the tongue of the Vapor V climbing shoes, you can expect to experience long-lasting comfort for even the longest of climbs. With a gusseted design, the tongue of these climbing shoes offers exceptional breathability that will keep your feet dry (and will prevent the development of smelly odors.)

  • Synthetic
  • Imported
  • ​Rubber sole
  • ​New split sole allows for more flexibility
  • ​Lower tension on the Achilles offers all-day comfort
  • ​Bi-Tension active randing system provides maximum toe power
  • ​Dual power strap closure allows adjustable fit
  • Vibram XS edge provides incredible grip and durability

The outsole of these climbing shoes has a unique split design. This allows for greater flexibility so you can easily transition from technique to technique. Additionally, the outsoles are constructed of Vibram XS Edge rubber, a material that is noted for offering exceptional rip and can withstand the roughest wear and tear.

Scarpa Men’s Vapor V Climbing shoes are best for performance climbing, helping you navigate all the crevasses with relative ease.

They offer a stability that allows you to position your feet on the surface the right way for maximum performance. They are comfortable to wear and trendy to boot! Whether you’re a beginner looking for climbing shoes or a professional that has burnt through many a pair, our guide to climbing footwear can help you come to a decision.

What Others Say?

If you still aren’t convinced about the exceptional durability, comfort and support that the Vapor V climbing shoes from Scarpa offer, then perhaps the reviews from customers who use these shoes will sway you.

4.5 Star Rating

Those who gave them high reviews said that they were extremely comfortable, very easy to use, and offered the traction and durability that they were looking for. Reviewers who gave these shows lower stars said that they run small in size; but, that is expected from a high quality performance climbing shoe.

Where To Buy

For the easiest purchase, Amazon is the way to go. The size of the shoe will impact the cost; larger sizes have a higher price tag.


If you are looking to transition from beginner climbing to more advanced climbing, the Scarpa Men’s Vapor V climbing shoes are definitely the way to go. Offering extreme comfort, support and traction, you can’t go wrong with these shoes.

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